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Presentation of Linux Foundation

The linux foundation is a non-profit consortium founded on January 21, 2007 as a result of the merger of the open source development labs and the free standards group. The linux foundation’s mandate is to protect and standardize linux by providing the centralized resources and services necessary to compete effectively with my fellow operating systems1.

The linux foundation has 70 members including amd, fujitsu, hp, hitachi, intel, ibm, lg group, microsoft, nec, novell, oracle, orange, samsung, twitter, valve, yahoo! and others. This organization is led by jim zemlin, former director of the fsg, who keeps the main developers in place, including linus torvalds, sponsored by the foundation1. Alongside the administrators suggested by its members, one will notice the presence of mark shuttleworth founder of vote project ubuntu2.

what is gnu/linux?

Linux is an OS, that is, a set of programs that allows you to act on the machine and throw some other plans. A bone includes the basic programs that your computer needs to exchange recommendations with users:

read and write data on hard disk, on tapes or from printers, control memory usage, run some other plans, etc. The most important part of a bone is the kernel. In a gnu/linux device, this is the linux kernel. The rest of the system consists of certain other schemes, many of which were written by, or for, the gnu project.



Since the linux kernel alone does not form a working bone, we prefer to refer to the system that many people carelessly call “linux” as “gnu/linux”. Linux is based on the unix bone. From the beginning it was designed as a multi-tasking and multi-user device.

These characteristics are enough to distinguish linux from other well-known systems. However, linux is even more different than you might imagine. Nobody owns linux, unlike other systems. Most of its development is done by unpaid volunteers. The development of what was later called gnu/linux began in 1984, when the free software foundation started the development of a free unix-like system, called gnu. The gnu project developed a comprehensive set of free tools for unix™ and unix-mode operating systems, such as linux.

These tools allow users to perform both the simplest tasks ( copying or deleting a file ) and the most complex ones ( writing and compiling software, sophisticated editing in many formats ).


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Know more informations on Linux

Linux or gnu/linux is a family of open source unix-like operating systems based on the linux kernel, created in 1991 by linus torvalds. Numerous linux distributions have been created since then and constitute an important vector of popularization of the neoclassicism of free software.

If Linux was developed for PC compatible computers, it has never equipped more than a very small part of personal computers. But the linux kernel, with or without gnu applications, is also used in other types of computer systems, such as servers, mobiles, embedded systems or supercomputers.

The mobile operating system android, which uses the linux kernel and especially not gnu, is currently used by 85% of touch tablets and smartphones2. Linux is an operating system and linux is everywhere?

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten it! Now that you know what an operating system is (a bone), I can tell you the truth: linux is an operating system, just like windows or mac os (for people who have a mac). It is known for its security and because of its more frequent updates than windows; but all this, you will discover it quickly.

What you have to remember for the moment is the basic concept of linux : you control your computer. So it’s not by chance that this course is called “take back the management with linux! “. You will finally understand what you are doing and therefore better understand the mechanisms of computing!

Can you have two bones on your machine? I don’t want to remove windows and replace it with linux! A lot of people believe that you have to make a choice: linux or windows.

Nothing is so wrong: you can very well have two ( or more! ) bones installed on your computer. In this situation, right after the boot screen, you will have a project called boot loader that will be displayed so that you can make your choice. The boot loader we will be talking about here has the sweet name of grub.